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Mar 14, 2012
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Well just over 5 months ago I was sucked into signing up for arbonne. I was given my golden bag and rather enjoyed the products, then the smooth talking consultant comes back to retrieve her bag and talk all about how you can earn extra money and how being your own boss is amazing, gives you the financial freedom you need, blah blah blah absolute ***!!!!! I thought I was a smart women, I went home did my research on the company, asked my sponsor a million and one questions prior to signing on and even came up with a budget for what I would like to invest financially into this business...well it seems my sponsor thought that amount was far too low so now i'm currently in quite the mess because the women ended up paying for the rest she " considered" reasonable to invest to get my personal qualifying volume up to par. ( makes me vomit just thinking about it)

Anyways about the company........they do these recruiting sessions with the NVP which is where they stuff a million vulnerable individuals (mostly women lets be serious) in a room and discuss how great arbonne has been for them and their friends and go on with their pathetic excuse for a power point presentation and talk about the massive cheques they keep getting in the mail for selling products we already need and use on a daily bases.....blah blah blah. I find it most hilarious that they do these recruiting sessions generally in the evening so usually right after work and yet they don't offer you a drink or a appetizer....NOTHING yet they are making $250,000 + a year. Oh and lets not forget they also hound you right afterwards to discuss the presentation and to sign on the dotted line. So not only are you starving but you must fork over a minimum in most cases $2,500.00 which will conviently be placed your high interest credit card.

If you think that you are selling arbonne products think again!!! This entire business is NOT one bit about selling it is about finding "builders" which means finding friends and family to hound to invest their hard earned cash into, so that inturn they too can hound people into multiplying the pyramid. After doing just one party when i first started i was excited but after selling a couple thousand dollars worth of product and being even further excited for my commission cheque to only find out that majority of the products sold were considered " business aids" and when you sign up preferred clients ( which they want you to do since it looks better and they pray that this person will convert to consultant status) that you only get a pathetic 15% profit on. And before you even begin to receive that lovely excuse of a commission cheque you have to maintain a 150 pqv which means you basically need to fork even more of your hard earned cash into the company to receive this bonafide cheque. These are all the little things they DON"T mention at these "recruiting sessions" which by the way they call DA Meetings in arbonne lingo. Also they expect you to invest a minimum of $2,500.00 for a whole lot of *** you don't need to " start your own business". Luckily I didn't invest that much but I invested enough. They also make you print off these prospecting folders they tell you to do it at work....yeah full colour and about 500 sheets since they want you to have enough for every single person at the party!! Well I work in a small office so that wasn't going to happen....$100 dollars later everything was printed and what a load of ***!! Oh and don't get sucked into purchasing the business cards they are awful and another poor investment on your part. So basically you have now spent $2,500.00 on products you don't need, plus around $100 for prospecting folders that you will hand out and get right back, plus $75.00 for business cards, plus your gas, plus your time = setting yourself for failure.

The one and only way to make money in this business is to hound every last person you know to purchase product and pray to the gods that they will also fork over their hard earned cash. I too only wish that they had these blogs that i am seeing today up here about what kind of business this company is running. These sponsors think they have hit the jacket when they finally get you to come on board and trust me they turn to *** when you are unsure or want out. Also from analyzing majority of the groups of arbonne families around me every last one of them that is actually making a decent coin off this are ALREADY wealthy!!! they ALLL have husbands that are very well off....these are stay at home moms that literally have nothing better to do with their time since they have maids and nannies which were already in the mix prior to signing onto arbonne. I feel sorry for the young girls just like myself that get sucked into the dream of wanting to make some extra cash when in the end i'm out a *** load of money!! Another few pointers they don't point out at these " recruiting sessions" with no food or drinks is that you really have to keep in perspective your time and money. You have to waste gas recruiting people, dropping off the gold bag, picking up the gold bag, hosting parties all over the city, going to these DA meetings.....its A LOT!!!! They are all liars that say it takes just a few hours of your time. Thats a load of SH**, I can't even tell you how much money I am out just from the gas and photo copies alone. All in all DON"T do it!!!! The products are digustingly overpriced for what they are, so good luck finding people that can even afford them. They specify all natural but i got a rash from quite a few of the products and i've done multiple allergy tests and none of the " natural" ingredients have I ever been allergic too in its original state. SO Beware!!!! And learn from everyone that is posting on this website. The arbonne community that is going to comment that I am a just a bitter women that didn't make money at this because i'm lazy or whatever excuse you may want to come your breath! I am merely pointing out simple facts and I am rather angry what has happened to myself and others in the same situation. The only thing I actually got from this entire experience is that I will NEVER in my life do a MLM company and the biggest lesson of all trust no one! You must look out for yourself and yourself only since everyone is only in this for themselves so why bother wasting your time and money trying to get already wealthy people richer.

I truly hope that this reaches others!


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Jul 07

You, unfortunately, sound like someone who failed at the business because you didn't work hard enough at it, and blame the 'system' because you didn't get rich quick! You might have had a sponsor who misled you, but you actually need to work hard to see success in any business I was not asked to invest anything in my business at start up, and don't ask my consultants to either! I invested a small amount and worked really hard -- I had fully paid off my investment after two months of working. It's an amazing opportunity (and I'm a mom of two who has a 6 figure income outside of arbonne as does my husband - so you are wrong in your assumptions about that as well) If you truly think it's a scam - it's a pretty good one since hundreds of thousands of people are successful at it! Sad to read this, for sure but to each their own. Just remember -- in anything in life - you need to WORK for it.

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Jul 06 Toronto, Ontario

I invested money into arbonne bc I am fully involved with it. I do vendor shows, spa parties, one on ones etc. I love it. Plus I use all the stuff myself. People who like to sit on their *** and expect to get rich quick are not business people. Social media is huge and that how I get a lot of my business as well. Most importantly it's relationship building. I don't know of anyone in business who invested $0 into their business. It's funny how people find it acceptable to work as slaves for 50 to 60 hours a week and make other people rich, but disregard the fact that you can work for yourself and make good money,as long as your positive and you don't limit your beliefs. Arbonne is not organic. It's botanical based, has science behind it and a healthy option compared to the *** at the drugstor, that's full of fillers. People think just because a skin cream is organic , it's good. That's not the case. The results are not there, bc as soon as you open the jar the ingredients are not effective. Arbonne is free of the most toxic chemicals compared to many many other companies.

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Jul 06 Toronto, Ontario

You have no clue about what your talking about. You have no idea what a pyramid is bc every single workplace is a pyramid. In business, it's not who you know, it's who you will meet.

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Jul 05

I am a consultant and I didn't have to pay anything to start I am earning my way in and am already on my way to earning a free trip I booked 8 parties my first month and 11 parties my second month. It's wonderful the support I have received and my upline has let me use her products. I'm sorry if you had a bad experience with Arbonne I know that my nation is one of the most successful and as I read these I know why. I hope that you succeed in all your future endevers. I'm sorry you are upset.

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Jul 03

I agree with u! I had to spend around $2000 to get my "kit" as my upline said "You cant open a bakery without any bread" so I was pushed into spending that much money! I havnt been able to recruit anyone at all and have wasted so much time doing workshops that I have decided to chuck in the towl! Not to mention the products have made my acne so much worse!!

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Jul 29

I'll buy your kit for $500 if you're unhappy and HELLO, something must be wrong because I never had to buy that much. I even had my manager or upline do parties for me and credit me because I recently moved to a different state and my family and friends live in another state than I do.

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Jul 02

I am an arbonne consultant and i have been doing it for a month and a half and i love it! I did not have to invest anything as i had an amazing team who let me use their products until i could get mine (which i used my commission to buy my products) and that took less then a month! I got out there my first week and put ads up for the spa parties, talked to woman in the grocery store and booked 8 spa parties in 3 days! Not one of them may i add was including any of my friends OR family! You earn 35% commission on every order and an extra 4% if your months total when your a consultant, you earn 8% of your months total when your an Area manager, and the list goes up from there! For me it seems super easy to move up as like i said i have been here for a month and i qualified to be promoted to area manager! I think peoples misconception is that its a get rich quick scheme and its not, but NOTHING is! I also have a freelance photography business and i had to invest thousands of dollars at first for camera, equipment and props. You have to ALWYAS put something into what you want to do in order to get anything out! To work in a company like Arbonne you have to be self motivated and set goals and know how to work it! Everyone has a different experience so i would say if your looking to get into it dont just judge it on some bad or good experiences, you have to know within yourself that you have the determination to succeed! And thats with anything even outside of Arbonne!

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Botanical Excellemce

Jun 26 Numurkah, Victoria

I would love to chat to you personally.
I am totally disheartened by what I can read as an overwhelming experience for you.
Angela 0418605071

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Jun 25

I'm sorry, but if you spent $2,500 starting your Arbonne business that is purely your own fault, either that or you were involved with some seriously shady consultants. I've been "selling" Arbonne for two years (I say "selling" because I don't do it actively anymore, I have a full time job and only sell to close friends and family when they need something) and not once did I ever spend anything more than the $79 start-up cost that got me my entire consultant kit with flyers, order cards, everything you needed to host your own party. Any money you spend beyond that is entirely up to you. Furthermore, if you didn't do the research to find out that you could write all of your business expenses (gas, purchasing products, printing business cards) off on your tax returns then that's on you.

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Jun 24

Your an ***!! LOL you have no idea what your talking about!!! *** I don't know where your getting your info but its completely inaccurate!!! Go work at Starbucks if u can't get your brain to function!!

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Jul 08

Wow that's constructive criticism. NOT!!! Bully much??

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Attorney Jess

Jul 20

Wow. And you are a consultant who represents Arbonne? Ohhh so Classy. Just as nasty at the *** company. I wouldn't buy from or sell that *** if my life depended on it. I think I will stick to being a lawyer and enjoy the 6 figures I make from that. I giggle when these little consultants try to recruit me or try to explain that being a lawyer is stressful so I should switch to annoying ppl instead by selling Arbonne. I just laugh and go on with my day.

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Jul 21

You must not be a busy lawyer if you have time to be on this... Lol. "Lawyer". A very classy one I must say. Btw filing and typing doesn't make you a lawyer.

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Jun 23

I'm a Police Officer in NJ, so my wife did not start with my wealthy friends. She started on her own, and like any business she put in a lot of hard work and yes a lot of time. However she was still around to see our kids football and soccer games. In the end it all paid off and we do not have to worry about where money is coming from. You sound like a person who was not willing to put in the time to make your business work, and you are passing blame to the company for your own failures.

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Jun 23 Los Angeles, California

Just because they give you all the tools to run a business doesn't mean you can't do anything else. If you can't run a business you can't run a business. No one should have to tell you that it requires gas to go from home to home. You have to think ahead to get ahead.

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Jun 22

Pyramid Schemes are an illegal form of business and I am sure the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU as massive as it is would do its job and make sure Arbonne is not one since the Better Business Bureau rates Arbonne as an A+ Company. People who assume because someone 'told them so' should be ashamed to carry gossip without the actual legal facts. Do your homework, read the facts. You are always going to get 'naysayers' and people who forget to put the word 'WORK' into NetWORK Marketing will always fall out. Remember, the cream rises to the top! As Henry Ford quoted," Whether you think you can or you think you can't, YOUR RIGHT!"

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Jun 02

So sorry to hear that this was the experience you received. You should know however that this is actually banned by Arbonne. Those who represented the business this way and required an investment like that had their IDs taken away and were banned from Arbonne. This ruined our area where I live for some time and tarnished the name of the business I cherish. I was able to do this business absolutely free of cost to me. The highest amount any member on our team has ever paid was the 79$ starter kit and we ALWAYS offer the option to earn it for free. The people who took advantage of you are the people who ruin this amazing company and opportunity for others. My up line is someone I truely look up to because her first lesson when training us is that we are here to help others FIRST and that if you can not be kind truthful, and absolutely 100% determined to not only strive for success but to learn the true definition of success which includes bringing others up right beside you and so much more than just financial freedom. i truly am sorry that you were introduced this way and so horrifically that you feel this strongly. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. I wish I had the chance to show you what a true Arbonne TEAM really is and reach a hand out to help you find success and growth in your journey. In our team we don't search for people to sign up. We do the business and share our wonderful products that sell themselves and then the rest falls into place. People are... Show more

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Jul 08

Hi Ashley,
My daughter and I are both consultants with Arbonne, we were also told that in order to succeed we need to follow the system that worked and redo what our up line had done before us. So our start up order needed to be $2500 before discount. I feel that our up line is only interested in getting people to sign up no matter what their finances are. "borrow it, cash in your pension, sell your TV" these are just a few. I have invested in products over $5,000 "You can't have a Starbucks, with no cups" I would had loved to sign up with a Team like yours, where it seems that you truly care for people first. I love the products and will continue to use them, feeling very frustrated and disappointed in allowing myself to fall for this. BTW I got my sister to sign up under the same terms as we did. I would love to speak with you, maybe you can give me some pointers.

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May 24 Townsville City, Queensland

There's no such thing as a "get rich quick" scheme.
If you work hard at something, you'll reap what you sew.
If you want your own business and to work for yourself, from home, you need to do just that.. WORK.
The business is promoting a product that works. If you enjoy the brand, you'll share it/talk about it with people. You don't need to hound your friends and family at all.
Big businesses start off small and grow with dedicated and persistent staff (you).
It's so frustrating to see posts like this, written by a lazy individual who wanted to make something out of nothing and gave up on themselves so incredibly quickly. Also wanting free food at drink at events for some reason.

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Jul 18

I have just started getting involved with Arbonne. The minute I mentioned it to my friends they all looke at me like I was their eyes I'm a very sensible person do why I would start my own business with Arbonne was beyond them.all I can say is that I have personally used these products and am astonished at how well it made my face feel and looked. I am a 45 years old mom of 3 young children. My husband is a postman we don't have any money and I refuse to spend the rest of my life working and slaving away for a company that doesn't appreciate me . instead I will do my own business through Arbonne and make money for me and my family. I believe in their products I'm using it.i don't care how hard I have to work for it . What you put in is what you'll get out.

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