Do NOT sign up for arbonne

Well just over 5 months ago I was sucked into signing up for arbonne. I was given my golden bag and rather enjoyed the products, then the smooth talking consultant comes back to retrieve her bag and talk all about how you can earn extra money and how being your own boss is amazing, gives you the financial freedom you need, blah blah blah absolute ***!!!!! I thought I was a smart women, I went home did my research on the company, asked my sponsor a million and one questions prior to signing on and even came up with a budget for what I would like to invest financially into this business...well it seems my sponsor thought that amount was far too low so now i'm currently in quite the mess because the women ended up paying for the rest she " considered" reasonable to invest to get my personal qualifying volume up to par. ( makes me vomit just thinking about it)

Anyways about the company........they do these recruiting sessions with the NVP which is where they stuff a million vulnerable individuals (mostly women lets be serious) in a room and discuss how great arbonne has been for them and their friends and go on with their pathetic excuse for a power point presentation and talk about the massive cheques they keep getting in the mail for selling products we already need and use on a daily bases.....blah blah blah. I find it most hilarious that they do these recruiting sessions generally in the evening so usually right after work and yet they don't offer you a drink or a appetizer....NOTHING yet they are making $250,000 + a year. Oh and lets not forget they also hound you right afterwards to discuss the presentation and to sign on the dotted line. So not only are you starving but you must fork over a minimum in most cases $2,500.00 which will conviently be placed your high interest credit card.

If you think that you are selling arbonne products think again!!! This entire business is NOT one bit about selling it is about finding "builders" which means finding friends and family to hound to invest their hard earned cash into, so that inturn they too can hound people into multiplying the pyramid. After doing just one party when i first started i was excited but after selling a couple thousand dollars worth of product and being even further excited for my commission cheque to only find out that majority of the products sold were considered " business aids" and when you sign up preferred clients ( which they want you to do since it looks better and they pray that this person will convert to consultant status) that you only get a pathetic 15% profit on. And before you even begin to receive that lovely excuse of a commission cheque you have to maintain a 150 pqv which means you basically need to fork even more of your hard earned cash into the company to receive this bonafide cheque. These are all the little things they DON"T mention at these "recruiting sessions" which by the way they call DA Meetings in arbonne lingo. Also they expect you to invest a minimum of $2,500.00 for a whole lot of *** you don't need to " start your own business". Luckily I didn't invest that much but I invested enough. They also make you print off these prospecting folders they tell you to do it at work....yeah full colour and about 500 sheets since they want you to have enough for every single person at the party!! Well I work in a small office so that wasn't going to happen....$100 dollars later everything was printed and what a load of ***!! Oh and don't get sucked into purchasing the business cards they are awful and another poor investment on your part. So basically you have now spent $2,500.00 on products you don't need, plus around $100 for prospecting folders that you will hand out and get right back, plus $75.00 for business cards, plus your gas, plus your time = setting yourself for failure.

The one and only way to make money in this business is to hound every last person you know to purchase product and pray to the gods that they will also fork over their hard earned cash. I too only wish that they had these blogs that i am seeing today up here about what kind of business this company is running. These sponsors think they have hit the jacket when they finally get you to come on board and trust me they turn to *** when you are unsure or want out. Also from analyzing majority of the groups of arbonne families around me every last one of them that is actually making a decent coin off this are ALREADY wealthy!!! they ALLL have husbands that are very well off....these are stay at home moms that literally have nothing better to do with their time since they have maids and nannies which were already in the mix prior to signing onto arbonne. I feel sorry for the young girls just like myself that get sucked into the dream of wanting to make some extra cash when in the end i'm out a *** load of money!! Another few pointers they don't point out at these " recruiting sessions" with no food or drinks is that you really have to keep in perspective your time and money. You have to waste gas recruiting people, dropping off the gold bag, picking up the gold bag, hosting parties all over the city, going to these DA meetings.....its A LOT!!!! They are all liars that say it takes just a few hours of your time. Thats a load of SH**, I can't even tell you how much money I am out just from the gas and photo copies alone. All in all DON"T do it!!!! The products are digustingly overpriced for what they are, so good luck finding people that can even afford them. They specify all natural but i got a rash from quite a few of the products and i've done multiple allergy tests and none of the " natural" ingredients have I ever been allergic too in its original state. SO Beware!!!! And learn from everyone that is posting on this website. The arbonne community that is going to comment that I am a just a bitter women that didn't make money at this because i'm lazy or whatever excuse you may want to come your breath! I am merely pointing out simple facts and I am rather angry what has happened to myself and others in the same situation. The only thing I actually got from this entire experience is that I will NEVER in my life do a MLM company and the biggest lesson of all trust no one! You must look out for yourself and yourself only since everyone is only in this for themselves so why bother wasting your time and money trying to get already wealthy people richer.

I truly hope that this reaches others!


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Apr 23 #975970

Wow - I cannot believe that anyone would believe someone who 'rants" to get attention or maybe had a bad day or whatever - sad that she feels the way she does - that is NOT how we run our businesses - and for your sake, do not let one negative, explosive person decide what YOU should do with your life. I had a terrible perception of Network Marketing until I got educated - and then I realized how brilliant this is and have seen first hand how it has helped soooo many. Doctors, Lawyers, Trainers, Stay at Home moms, Single Moms and Dads, EMS workers, Police men and women and every other career - does this on the side. We HELP people. Just time to educate yourself instead of listening to this kind of slander.

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Apr 18 #973564 Manchester, Manchester

What a load of old rubbish there a 35 year old company who are in the middle of there annual convention in Las Vegas with 18000 people shame that you couldn't take on the opportunity and be so negative which is why a business would never work for you!

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Apr 23 #975845

I know a couple of people who are in this business, (one dropped out eventually) and in every conversation they talk about Arbonne and trying to get you sucked into there world. In the end I didn't bother with these people as I didn't have anything left in common. I would rather stick to my job, which I enjoy. These people are clearly brainwashed. They need to get a proper job and get a life!

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Apr 26 #976947

I also know someone in this job, my sister-in-law. She doesn't really talk about Arbonne, we talk about our kids, our families and pretty much everything else that people talk about. She may talk about her job, but so does my wife (who is a teacher). My wife has never been recruited, or had any pressure to join Arbonne or sell any of their products. Yes, she does buy a few products to help my sister-in-law but that is about as far as it goes. Where do you get this brainwashing idea from? I am curious since my wife still obviously enjoys her work as a teacher. As for a proper job, my sister-in-law has become a regional manager, has received a promotion and is now making more money than her husband (my brother) who has a doctorate in math. The fact that she worked hard and is now the main bread winner for her family would be considered admirable, not someone who 'needs' to get a 'proper' job.

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May 04 #979805

LOVE IT! what a great story of success. And I'm not sure why people are hopping all over the 'brainwashed' wagon (not sure what that is all about). But just like I wanted to be a teacher and realized that wasn't for me, i switched to another industry. And that is the same with network marketing. It's not for everyone, and some people have to try it to realize it's not well suited. That doesn't mean it's a total scam, or a money hungry corporate evil giant sucking everyone's money, and rubbing there hands together, laughing evily....MUAHAHAHAHA! seriously people....if someone failed at plumbing/law/medical/teaching/accounting/trades/etc and left that industry for another you wouldn't rag all over that industry being like " GAH! IT"S A SCAM!!! they're all brainwashed. It's all a load of *** ....followed by multiple expletives".

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May 01 #978876

LOL!!! Brainwashed! Proper Job??!! ahahahaha you crack me up!!

0 2 Reply

Apr 17 #973184 Fuzhou, Fujian

I am in the business and I am so sorry to hear about your experience. My sponsor and those connected to her have done nothing to pressure me into the amount of sales that I earn a month or the amount of money that I invest in the business. I paid $79 to start and my sponsor even let me use her products for the facials I had until I got paid. I wish you didn't have such a negative experience because it is worth paying $79 just to get the 35% off a year. No one I know that is in the business has had an experience like this one. I apologize on behalf of the Arbonne community. As for the woman from Rochester, she sounds like a very rude, snobby lady and I apologize for that comment, too. I don't understand how someone who says the "community of women uplift each other" when she is obviously trying to put you down. The good thing about Arbonne is that you don't have to reach a certain goal in sales a month or a certain amount of new clients or consultants a month. It is entirely in your hands the way you handle your business. I can't believe the consultants in your upline aren't promoting that lifestyle because that is the main reason I joined. My business is flourishing and the best part is, it is up to me where and how far I go. Regardless of your experience, I hope that you at least enjoyed the products because they are nothing like anything else and I truly believe they are top of the line.

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Apr 14 #971753 Chino Hills, California

Can't believe the experience you have had. I've never had an experience like this or heard of such an experience. Don't know exactly who invested in you but there is no need to have an inventory in Arbonne. You pay your sign up fee, get your supplies and you purchase your products for yourself to use. Most consultants now use samples and not full product unless they choose to use full product. So, in reading your rant I'm surprised at your experience and wish you could have seen beyond the person getting you involved and seen the true values of the business. The goal is to help people with their health and wellness needs in improving their everyday health. But, each person is different and not everyone runs their individual business the same. You absolutely get out of it what you put in as any MLM/Network Marketing business. Hope you at least like your products and may you find future endeavor which makes you happy.

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Apr 07 #968914 Rochester, New York

This uneducated little blurb you decided to waste your time on made my day. Everyone close to me that I love and know is infatuated with the products. So instead of bashing a company with your ridicule, why don't you find a different job because you're obvioisly not meant for the Arbonne world of consultants. We are a group of postitive women that uplift each other to better our businesses. Please take your complaints else where. Maybe you should try something that's "cheaper" for you. Mary Kay sounds like you'd have better success. And by the way, in my first months of business it was a little over $100 to start my business which is absolutely flourishing now.

11 4 Reply

Apr 21 #974469

Lol, just completely proved this women's point. Very rude response. Where do you believe her complaints should go? Should all Arbonne complaints be swept under the rug? Would that please you? It is incredibly insulting for you to suggest she should go and try something 'cheaper'. Instead of acting with integrity and promoting Arbonne positively you have chosen to demean this women and call her cheap. All because you didn't like what she had to say. I am an Arbonne consultant and find your comments so rude and not at all in line with what Arbonne is about. You should be ashamed to suggest someone who may not have much money shouldn't be a consultant with Arbonne. Hope karma comes your way!

3 3 Reply

May 04 #979809

if her complaints are legit, that is one thing. But it just sounds like she is misinformed and her 'complaints' are not substantiated AT ALL! And that should be quite obvious considering all of the Arbonne reps on here negating her points. Her info is not correct, so therefore it's not fair that she bash a good company with empty issues. If I were her I would direct my issues to my team leader, and would write this letter of complaint about has nothing to do with the company. for someone who did SO much research I have to ask "what the heck kind of questions did she even ask?" because it seems like she knows nothing about the process/company/method.

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Apr 07 #968888

There is a place for everyone in this world. Instead of being so opinionated about someone else's job why don't you write about how your current job is going since it has to be a better fit for you than MLM. Being positive in life gets you placed. You don't have to like MLM, you tried it, it didn't work for you, move on.
Try not to be so negative about other's lively hood, it's rude.

8 3 Reply

Apr 05 #968044 Boise, Idaho

This article is way off track and anybody that talks bad about MLM is definately under educated. Do your home work people. Alittle fact for you. 82% of the women in the United States who $100,000 a year or more do it in MLM.

6 2 Reply

Mar 28 #964600 Allentown, Pennsylvania

Do you understand that BILL Gates and Donald Trump both wrote individual articles about MLM. Both men were asked "if you lost your fortune, what would you do?" And both men, in so many words said they would find reputable MLM companies and get to work. In the next 10 years studies show that 50% of Americans will be apart of an MLM job. And Forbes magazine predicted that the next 1 million millionaires will be born from MLM businesses. So I'm sorry you're Arbonne adventure didn't work out. But you didn't run it right, nor did you have the correct support of an upline. Every single consultant is given the same tools. The only variable is you. Everyone is given the same even playing field to be successful. Anyone looking for an MLM company should do arbonne. We win awards in ethics and have a company based on sincere gratitude. It breaks my heart to read someone bash the company like this. this company gives freedom and it's a gift. If you find yourself on the fence with joining, you need to just dive in. Forbes Magazine predicted arbonne will grow 700% in the next 10 years, they stated if anyone wished they ever had stock in Google or Apple, that arbonne is the next dot Com boom. Don't listen to people who are angry, sitting in mom's basement, written a hate article. This business is for everyone. I have stay at home mom's on my team, but I also have doctors, lawyers, teachers, chemists, college students. This is not a job for stay at home mom's with wealthy husbands. This is... Show more

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Mar 19 #960677

I'm sorry but you whole post is flawed as there is most definitely not a $2,500.00 joining fee! You don't even have to pay out anymore than you usually would monthly you just switch your weekly spend!

4 2 Reply

Apr 23 #975968

I am so sorry you had that kind of experience or think you did. Your best bet would be to contact Arbonne directly and give the Consultant's name instead of posting such vitriole in a public place. You are right - thousands of us gathered - not all of us - but a lot of us - and we ARE optimistic, and supportive and loving our Arbonne businesses and Company. You absolutely do NOT have to put in 2,500. So please do not be filling peoples' heads with this kind of untruth. Simply redirecting the spending you are already doing and showing others how they can do the same is how we run our businesses. How terribly sad that you felt the need to disgrace a company that has so much integrity. And we never say we are "natural" - we say we are botanically based, certified organic whereever possible and we combine the very best of nature with the very best of green science. Far better than "natural" which can be the word to describe "animal rendering". Poison Ivy is natural but you wouldn't want it on your body. We also have a 45 day money back guarantee so if you were dissatisfied, you should have said so earlier on. The truth is that you are making false claims against an incredible Company and to what purpose? We KNOW that Arbonne has products that are unparalleled and our compensation plan is amazing. Fear is what usually keeps the normal person from getting out of the comfort "discomfort" zone - but for those who prefer to work for someone else - to make someone else's... Show more

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Mar 12 #957292 Oceanside, California

That's very helpful. I new there was a catch just by the way they presented the product plus it's way to pricy and normally they want the money upfront.
At other party's of other companies they facilitate the payments so we as the consumer can afford the product. That's how I new it was more fit for wealthier people. I'm glad I didn't get suckered in to it

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May 01 #978776

Other companies facilitate your payments? Wow, I have no idea what parties you have been to, but I sure wish I had been to them. I have never had anything like that happen at any home party. Money for goods is always paid up front and in full. All home parties are being run by independent consultants who are not buying your product for you.

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Mar 11 #956983

Sounds to me like you are lazy and not very smart if you thought you wouldn't have to actually do some work to make $. I just started and have already made everything I invested plus some back in 2 months. It is a job just like anything else. Is it a scam? Not if u believe in the products and would rather support a smaller business that's owned by an individual u know and trust rather than supporting a huge corporation.

14 10 Reply
Ms. Words of Wisdom

Mar 12 #957228

Your comment about being "lazy"' is a typical response from brainwashed MLM junkies like yourself. Let's see how how long you last in this "business" and how long you continue to "believe" in the products and the company before you quit.
You say you just got started and already are making money. Did you bug your family and friends??? There's a good chance you made money because they bought products from you out of pity. Soon they won't want to get near you because you will turn into an Arbonne pest.
Maybe you should go to school and get a job that's reputable instead of doing what you're doing...peddling make up and face creams.
Anybody can be a rep with Arbonne or any other MLM...criminals, hookers, *** artists, etc...Maybe that's why the MLM industry has such a bad reputation. Because you have a bunch of "***-sultants" who are out to *** people into thinking they're going to make a lot of money and get a fancy car. They'll pretend to care about you and want to be your friend, when they just want your money and connections to your family and friends so they can make money off of them too.
There are no interviews and no pre-qualifications to be a ***-sultant. A lot of people who can't be successful at anything else in their lives end up in MLM's like Arbonne because they don't have any problems manipulating people and taking advantage of them.

18 8 Reply

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