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Arbonne reviews, Arbonne complaints, read Arbonne reviews, find Arbonne reviews, Arbonne scam reports
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Industry: Cosmetics and Toiletries
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  • 127 complaints
  • $9,536 claimed losses
  • $75 average
  • 177390 since Nov 09, 2007

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Main address: Corporate Office 92618 Irvine CA
949-770-2610, 1-800-ARBONNE, 866-634-1151,
Arbonne reviews, Arbonne complaints, read Arbonne reviews, find Arbonne reviews, Arbonne scam reports
  • 127 complaints
  • $9,536 claimed losses
  • $75 average
Had an experience with Arbonne?
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  • Feb 27
  • Oxford, Massachusetts
  • Package Delivery
  • 1
  • 88

I called Arbonne after I received an order I placed through amazon from one bettybaboop whom I thought was a rep selling on line. The packaging looked identical to the arbonne I've been using. I opened the box and the bottle had a DIN number on it. I have never seen that before and so did the box when I looked back. Now I have to decide wether this is an imposter, or possibly a sample or reps... Read more

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  • Feb 26
  • Lismore, New South Wales
  • Arbonne Consultant
  • 3
  • 318

I can not believe how much whinging is on this site regarding Arbonne. I have a close friend who has recently become an Arbonne Consultant. And she is very happy with everything so far. There seems to be a lot of the same complaints on this site: "They said I was going to be rich and I wouldn't have to work" or "I only bought it to be nice" followed by complaints... If you only bought it to be... Read more

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  • Feb 10
  • Brisbane, Queensland
  • Terrible Customer Service
  • 1
  • 394

Joined as a consultant, purchased 2 kits. Was originally charged twice, two completely different charges appeared. After many phone calls to them I that got ressolved. Finally a few weeks later the products arrived I called to get a return address and was given 3 different incorrect addresses, edventually I got an address they guaranteed was correct. After many more phonecalls with very little... Read more

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  • Jan 30
  • Wichita, Kansas
  • Gift Certificates
  • 4
  • 259

My husband bought me $40 in gift certificates ( 4 $10 gc). When I went to order a product, the consultant told me I could not combine the 4 certificates; I could use only one per item. What?! The company has my $40 and I can't spend it the way I want? Scam for sure. Not only that, but the certificates were only good for a month and then they expired. When I contacted the company, customer... Read more

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  • Jan 29
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Re9 Advanced
  • 3
  • 946

I joined Arbonne mid-December last year. I had heard positive things from a couple of acquaintances and a couple of them had even become Consultants. I saw an Arbonne booth at a recent Wellness Expo and thought that the representative's skin looked beautiful and youthful and wanted the same thing for myself. So I joined! Starting a business and acquiring new health and beauty products would... Read more

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  • Jan 26
  • New York City, New York
  • Terrible Service
  • 2
  • 723

I have 2 issues. upline turned very nasty right after I started for no reason and spoke to me like I'm a dog. She cut off contact and refused to help me after 2 months of me being in the business. Also,the company is very strict with their dealings. There are sooo many loopholes which cause me to lose money. It's a scam!! Point is,I invested more $ than I made and it's all because of... Read more

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  • Jan 22
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Arbonne Products
  • 1
  • 535

My main goal with purchasing Arbonne was to diminish my age spots and create a more even skin tone. I also wanted a to see some improvement with wrinkles. I tried the RE9 serum and the Concentrated Age Spot Minimizer. I did not notice results with either of these products. I used them faithfully morning and night for over seven weeks. I ended up trying samples of the entire RE9 set and also... Read more

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  • Jan 07
  • Free Gift
  • 697

I recently went to an Arbonne party for a friends daughter who just started in the business. when I was there I was told if I spent $150.00 I would get a free gift for that months special. I was a few dollar off so, she said if you spend a few more dollars you can get the free gift, so she switched things around so I would get the primer as the free gift. with my order I ordered the CC cream... Read more

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  • Jan 07
  • Washburn, Missouri
  • Order Receiving
  • 1
  • 356

I'm not sure whom I try to contact. But I never recieved part of my order. I purchased a box of the vanilla protein shake mixes & never recieved them. I recieved the mint deodorant which I like but dissapointed that I've heard nothing from the rep about my missing shake mix...would like my money back ultimately because the stuff is not cheap as you all know. Its been 4 mths since the arbonne... Read more

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  • Jan 04
  • Skin Care
  • 3
  • 865

Quick question -how can anyone sell skin care to clients who have never been received any formal education on skin? (by education I mean an accredited school resulting in being a certified medical aesthetician – NOT a weekend training seminar) As a professional in the industry for 10+ yrs working in cosmetic clinics and plastic surgeons offices with a background in nutrition -Arbonne is not what... Read more

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